Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hope everyone is having a great week.  Time is going by faster than I would like it to.  I am working on new class projects, trying to do my rug watcher hooking each day and re-doing the master bathroom.  And then the other normal everyday happenings that we all have to deal with. 

We had a wonderful group of ladies meet on Saturday for a quilt class taught by Ms. Debbie Lou Powell from Henderson, NC.  She's a great teacher and makes it such a fun adventure.  I didn't participate in this class since I would have to miss the next two classes but had fun watching the other ladies learn and create.

Debbie explains to Lou (my long-time friend and neighbor!!) how to put together the block.  I believe Lou is thinking "OK, whatever.............I'll try!" 
It looks like Debby and Janie are hanging on their teacher's every word! 

Now what's so special about this toilet and why on earth did I put it on my blog??  Because it's sitting in the middle of my bedroom floor, that's why!!!!!!  We are re-doing our master bathroom, which is very much torn apart at the moment, and the old toilet ended up in the bedroom.  We are putting bead board on all the walls, replacing the countertop, mirrors, lighting and floor.  Already had the shower re-done so that's the only shiny thing in there at the moment.  It will be great when it all gets finished, but right now I miss my bathroom and don't love the toilet in the bedroom.  And my husband is out of town this week, will come home for one day, and then leave for another week.  Now who's going to finish the bathroom?  Evette's husband worked here both Saturday and Sunday (he's a builder/contractor) and I told him he may have to be my husband #2.  Don't think he was too keen on that idea.  Well, somebody has to finish the bathroom for goodness sake!!Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Find some time to stitch something fun today!

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  1. I think the toilet seat would be very handy in the middle of your bedroom.