Friday, January 28, 2011

Hooking Away.....

I don't know how many of you have read Lisa's blog from Lone Star Mercantile, but last week she suggested that any of us hookers with unfinished projects should join her in "Rug Watchers" similar to Weight Watchers but focusing on being held accountable to finish those rugs.  So, after some gentle persuading from Lisa, I dug out my Uncle Sam rug that I started hooking on years ago, carried the rug frame to the living room in front of a comfy chair, and started hooking.  You should hook at least ten minutes a day and at the end of the week show what progress you made.  So here's my Uncle Sam before this week.......

And here's Sam after a week of hooking here and there...... 
So now he has pants to wear, hands, face and hat finished.  I really wanted to get his boots hooked today but just couldn't fit it in.  So at least they're outlined. 

So I guess there is something to that accountability factor, whether trying to lose weight or hook rugs!!  Thanks for the nudge Lisa.  Anybody else want to join us in our rug watchers journey?

Merry weekend to everyone.....find some time to do a little stitching.....or hooking!


  1. Pretty impressive how much you can accomplish when working with small increments of time, huh? Your Uncle Sam is looking really great!

  2. Would love to - but do not know how to rug hook. I still want to learn that when I have a moment. Yours and Lisa both are looking good. I like that accountability thing! Gets you working!! Although you do not need that best I can tell.

  3. Should have know you would go back to hooking :)