Sunday, January 2, 2011


I hope everyone has survived the busy holiday season and gotten the New Year off with a bang!  I'm hoping to have a productive January, designing, stitching and rearranging my house.  We have already started on the latter, just finished painting the master bedroom. 
We moved as much as we could out of the bedroom to get the painting done.  What a disaster we had and, unfortunately, still have.  The room can't be put back together yet because I painted our bed black and the paint reacted to whatever was on the bed previously.  My poor husband has spent two days stripping the paint from the bed so I can paint it again.  So, until that is done, everything is in limbo in there.  The walls are painted though.  Just a different shade of green than we had before.  A fresh look.

 I am also going to do some other rearranging of my work space but have to finish one room before I can start on another.........or so my husband tells me!!  He goes back to work tomorrow so you never know what might happen once he leaves the house.   Just kidding in case you're reading this honey!

I started working on a new block of the month which I was planning on introducing this month.  I have now changed my mind and will wait until I have more of it drawn and stitched.  Right now I have two blocks done and one more in progress, with several ideas floating in my head.  It will be a winter/Christmas themed project I think.  I've already shared one of the pieces I was working on in a previous post.  Here it is again.
I love this stitchery design.  It so sweet, simple and nostalgic.
And here's the second completed stitchery.  My sister drew this picture some time ago and I embellished a little.  Love it in the blue hand-dyed floss.  I'm envisioning these all done in a scrappy quilt format when they're completed.
My brother, wife and 8-year daughter came to visit for New Years.  Taylor wanted to come see her cousins and spend New Years with them.  My brother brought along a hocky game which the fellas enjoyed playing.  I think they had a little competition going on.
Taylor and Reagan are waiting for midnight.  The girls were determined to stay up until midnight even though they were so tired.  My brother bought them some boas and hats at the dollar store.  Whoo-hooo......all dressed up and no place to go!
Raleigh and her new bear that Ms. Evette gave her.  She's trying to figure out what all the hoopla is about I believe.

Here's to wishing all of you a happy, healthy New Year.  Now go find some time to do a little stitching!

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