Friday, January 7, 2011

What a difference a day makes.....

Progress has been made.  Everything isn't done yet but I feel like I moved mountains today!!!  The classroom is all ready for class tomorrow (hopefully we won't have bad weather) and I'm looking forward to using the "new" space.
A little more moving around room and an additional table was added 
I actually have fabric back out on the shelves.  I packed away crates of fabric a few years ago.  It's good to see some it in a more visible place other than a crate in a closet.  There's still quite a bit still packed away that may surface someday. 
My new office.  I am so happy to have this space with a little more breathing room.  There's still some more organization that needs to happen here but all the major pieces are in place. 
There's your stitching chair "E"! 

Got this funky chest from a friend at the flea market to see if it could possibly house my patterns.  I got them crammed in there and I think this is going to work great, at least for now.  I was even able to fit in my little child's school desk, which I was afraid might be banished to the garage. 
This is my new paper area.  There are shelves directly across from this set-up which will hold all the paper crafting supplies.  This was another area that I didn't seem to have enough space to work at.  Hopefully this will do the trick. 
The other end of the "paper" room.  I even got out my rug hooking frame.  Maybe I can sit and hook someday................... 
I just love all my sewing collectibles.  They're everywhere in the space, of course.  They make me smile.

Notice there are no pictures of my girls today!!  Amazing how much gets done where little girls aren't around!  But when they are here, they're such good helpers and picture posers.

9pm and back is aching.  Time for a little stitching.................