Thursday, January 6, 2011

Change is in the air.........

OK, I've heard people say pick a new word for the year.....not necessarily resolutions but a word to describe how you want your year to go.  I think mine is CRAZY!!!  Not really, but sort of.  Actually, I think my new word will be LESS.  Less of me, less stuff, less dust, just LESS. 

Mark and I started off the New Year by painting the master bedroom.  That is still not completely back together because I've been pulled other directions. 
The room is painted, the bed is painted and furniture is in the room.  No fluffing yet. 
And in the middle of my disaster, I decided to go ahead and take down the bed and other furnishings from another bedroom and turn that into an office.  So here we are with an almost empty room.  The only thing that will stay in this room is the chair (perfect for stitching!). 
In that under the bed storage unit in the picture above were more patterns.  I think these things are multiplying.  UGH!! 
Raleigh discovers one of the crates loaded with bears and other things from a cabinet that was moved from the room.  Boy was she excited.  She emptied the entire crate onto the floor in the new empty room that she thinks I created for her to have room to play.  Silly girl! 
While I'm moving things, Reagan took a break to paint.  Don't all great artists hold their brushes between their teeth!  She's not feeling 100% with an ear infection and a little pink eye.   
And while cleaning out a closet, I ran across this dress that was too small for Reagan and too big for Raleigh but I had lost the receipt.  So I just hung it up and decided to keep it for Raleigh to grow into.  She was "helping" me clean out the closet and when I showed her the dress she decided she needed to put it on right now.  And so she's showing me with the tape measure how much she has grown to justify having the too-big dress on.  Again, funny girl! 
This is where my office used to be, now almost torn apart.  Another big mess. 
And this is where my classes are held.  Hey, girls, class here on Saturday??!! 
This is the empty bedroom now housing my office stuff.  At least most of it.  I think I'm going to like being in this room. 
And last but not least, Raleigh all dressed up in her new too-big dress and my gold chain, hair in pigtails "just like a princess", saying it'll all get done Mina, don't worry.

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