Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mark and I made a quick trip to Farmer's Market in Raleigh Saturday afternoon.  Our temperatures were in the low 80's and you could actually breathe outside.  A perfect time to go visit the farmers.
OK, this display of peppers had me intrigued.  I have to admit I had never seen purple or white peppers.  I thought this bunch of peppers was just beautiful. 
And who doesn't love fresh cut flowers from the garden.   
I guess we must be in pepper season!  I know there were lots of watermelons and tomatoes too.  A happy eating season indeed! 
OK, my workroom looks like a bomb went off.  I'm busy working on new recipe cards for September/October classes, other recipe cards for the barn sale, and lots of other things thrown in for good measure.  So I suppose in order to be creative things have to get a bit messy. 
Lynn came over Monday afternoon to help out a little.  I had piles and piles for her to work on!! 
More mess............do you see the healthy tomatoes hidden in there?  Nournishment......... 
A sneak peek at an almost done recipe card for the barn sale.  I may have five, six, seven or eight new cards ladies!!!  Save your $$$ Sue!

Speaking of the barn sale, mark your calendars for October 14-15.  It's fast approaching.

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