Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's school time again and time to start saving those Boxtops for Education.  Reagan and I took some time this afternoon to glue down the labels we had saved so far.  As you can see, she is very happy to have the boxtops to turn in to her teacher tonight at open house.  Just email me if you want to save the boxtops and need my mailing address.  I truly appreciate your help and Reagan definitely appreciates it.  Last year she turned in the most boxtops in her classroom and won a pizza party for the entire class.  In case you don't know, the school receives 10 cents for each boxtop turned in to be used for school supplies and other necessary items. 
Is anyone in the mood for a little snow?  I am for sure!!!  I've been working on a few things for the Barn Sale coming up in October.  A friend gave me the directions for this little guy many, many years ago and I finally decided to work on a few.  You'll have to wait for the Barn Sale to see the finished product!! 
Oh look, Lynn decided to come back and help me again.  Thank goodness.....I need all the help I can get right now.  She's trying to catch me up on all the past recipe card classes.  If you're missing any cards ladies, be sure to check the boxes.  Lynn is filling them quickly!! 
I started working in my workroom (or studio as Evette calls it!) at 7am this morning.  I was excited to get busy because I had a pattern idea I was anxious to get started.  This was an idea from at least ten years ago that I never really did anything with other than pack away my initial wool piece.  So now I think I have a game plan and am busy picking flosses and wools.  Again, you'll have to wait for the Barn Sale to see the finished creation!!  Think "farmhouse"........ 
Oh my, Lynn came back again!!  Boy, she's a Saint.  And look at all the stamp pads she is busy using.  I am so happy to have her here and can't say how much I appreciate her time.  And you ladies will be happy to get some of those past recipe cards too.  Thanks Lynn! 
I do believe she's working on the Santa recipe card from December.  Anyone need that one? 

I sent out a couple of emails today regarding the Barn Sale.  Sorry for sending out two but somehow I messed up the first one.  So hopefully you all have that email just full of Barn Sale information.  Let me know if you didn't get one and I'll be sure to send it right away. 

We have our first Loose Stitches Stitchery Club meeting here tomorrow.  I'm excited to see the ladies and have some fun things planned for the group as time goes on.  We have a second group that will meet later on in the month.   Let me know if you need information on the Club or would like to join.

Happy almost Friday!!

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