Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Classes, classes and more classes.  That's how it's been around here the past few days.  I've taken pictures at some of the classes and forgot at others, but here are a few fun pictures to share.
A group of seven ladies got together Saturday morning to make project binder covers.  They all got creative with the drawings I gave them and created their own, unique covers. 
Pam decided to do her journal cover in her favorite color! 
And we did sunflower pincushions in the afternoon.  Looks beautiful Linda! 
And Debby brought her Becky in to show how the pincushion matched. 
We had our first Quarter Seamers Quilt Club here on Sunday afternoon.  The gals started off with some beautiful show and tell.  I couldn't put all the pictures on the blog, but here are a few. 

And this is part of the project that we will be making in this club.  There are 83 total different blocks that will be done using Civil War fabrics.  This task is a little daunting for some of us, but others just jumped right in and got busy.  We get four blocks a month to work on, so we should be able to accomplish that! 
Debbie Powell (our teacher) explaining something important, I just can't remember what!  Some student I am!! 
Lisa and Elaine wrapped up in the Thanksgiving quilt.  They'll soon be wrapped up in their own quilts! 
Little Raleigh was here most of last week and on one of those days wanted to get the paints out and get a little artistic.  She painted quite a few pictures. 
Well, this week Raleigh started kindergarten.  I miss her already!!!!!

I posted the new class schedule on the web site as well as pictures on the side bar of the blog.  Maybe you'll find something you want to come and make.  We always have a grand time!

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  1. Got my first block done with the Civil War materials. Took me forever, but it looks great. I hope my speed increases, but the results are worth the effort!