Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Whew, timbers away.  Mark and I have become quite the little builders in this project.  We learned it's easier and quicker to just throw things out the window rather than running up and down stairs.  We learned that trick when the floors were being laid in the other two rooms and the first thing the guy did was take out a window in order to toss out the carpet.  Pretty nifty trick.  The most fun was throwing the dry wall out the back window!!  That was my job......to toss things out the window!!
We called in reinforcements to do the electricity.  Mark tried to figure it out but we weren't comfortable with doing the wiring.  Andy came to our rescue!!  He's trying to teach Mark what to do for the next time but I don't think there will be a next time!!!
Filling in that big gap where the wall used to be.  This part seems to take the longest because you have to tape and put on a couple layers of mud and sand and everything has to have drying time and of course, I want it done five days ago!
Andy finally took over for Mark and put all the wires in the right place!!
A couple of fresh coats of paint on the walls.......and new shelving built with our old shelving wood....trying to repurpose as much as I can.
Spent a good part of Monday painting the new shelving......
New curtains hung..........looking better each day......
But here's the part of the room that you're not seeing......looks like a bomb went off in there!!  All this stuff has to go some place.
I think someone has too much stuff!!!!  There will definitely be some cleaning out and reorganizing when I can finally get things put away. 

I think some sanding has to be done today and then the ceiling sprayed and then hopefully I can get things somewhat back to normal.  The new floors will be put in the end of the month so I don't really want to put everything back just yet.  Just the necessities!

Two classes here this morning so we'll be meeting downstairs.  Imagine silly me thinking all of this would be done in time for class today.  Oh well, a girl can dream......................


  1. A lot of work but i would be really nice greating from holland by carina

  2. Definitely a lot of work Carina, but well worth it when it's all done. Can't wait to unpack all those boxes and get back to normal!