Friday, April 27, 2012

A few of my favorite things....

My workroom/classroom is finally back together, everything is in it's place or new place, all the crates and boxes are emptied and I'm a happy girl.  I have all my "treasures" out on the shelves again, all dusted and ready for everyone to enjoy.  I walked around the room yesterday and took pictures of all the "stuff" that I have sitting on top of the shelves.  These are the antique sewing machines, vintage toy sewing machines, pincushions, etc. that I've collected over the years.  These are things that make me smile and so I decided to share those things with you too.  Smile!!

As you can see, I love buttons and tomato pincushions.  Among other things!  So glad my little room is all in order now and I can get back to work.  I have class models that need some finishing touches and some recipe cards to create. 

Happy creative Friday...............

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  1. Never realized how many vintage/little sewing machines you have! Can't wait to see your new room!