Thursday, October 1, 2009

A day at the pumpkin farm is just what everyone needs to get in the fall mood. I took my grandaughters to Hillridge Farms in Youngsville, NC on Tuesday. We were there for several hours and had a blast. What a beautiful, wonderful place for children to visit. There were animals to feed (including some giant catfish in the pond) and games to play, a train ride and a hayride culminating in the most fun part, picking out a special pumpkin to take home. I highly encourage any parent or grandparent to visit this peaceful beautiful place.
This was a really cool slide. You walked up the steep sidewalk and slid through the tube on a burlap sack. The girls did this at least ten times. I would have been pooped just walking up the sidewalk!
Beautiful Reagan just riding along on the train.
Another fun and cool thing......a structure filled with corn kernels. You could go in a swish around in the corn or bury yourself in it as Reagan was trying to do. Or even try to make a corn kernel sand castle as Raleigh was trying to do.
This was the funniest thing. As the girls were in the corn kernel house, I was outside watching when I noticed the goats having a parade. They walked completely around the pond, following the white goat in the front. It was just the cutest thing to see.
At last, what we've been waiting for all day...........picking out the most perfect pumpkin. Aren't they adorable!! Raleigh said she was looking for a "little punkin'". And of course Reagan needed one a little larger since she's the older, bigger sister.

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  1. Very sweet Sharon! We actually took the boys Friday and they had a blast, this is our third year going and so it's now a family tradition. Eli didn't care for the slide this year or so we thought. He refused to go down with me so I said fine meet me at the bottom and next thing I know he was going down on his belly, it was too funny! I thought about you today, I went to Cameron's Antique Fair and found a couple of cute things. I went with just the boys(Manny still can't walk far) and stayed for just over two hours. Wanted to go in the buildings but it was hard with a double stroller and every building had steps and no ramps, I'll have to go again in Spring w/o the boys.

    Jenn L.