Saturday, September 26, 2009

Oh my, a week has gone by and I haven't posted a thing. The week has been super busy with classes and watching my girls and fall decorating and just life I suppose. I have had my camera at several classes and just plain forgot to take pictures. Did the same thing today. I let one whole class get out the door without one picture so I made up for it with the second class where the ladies were creating witches. Yes, more witches. I have had more fun with this classs and watching how creative everyone becomes at the end of class when it's time to "dress" the witches. A great relaxing day with some very nice ladies.

These turned out to be some very classy witches. They were certainly all decked out for the Halloween Ball! You really need to see these in person.....the pictures just don't do them justice!Sorry we missed your picture Laura (of the witch!)
For those of you in the recipe card classes, I've finished the October card and almost finished the November card, so I feel very much ahead of the game right now. Might even start working on December. Looking forward to October and hopefully some fall weather to go along with the fall card I've created.
Also, there was discussion at one of the classes about possibly bringing books to the classes at Laura's house for a book exchange. Any of you that want to start bringing books to share are welcome to do that. So many of us are avid readers and by bringing books you've already read and are willing to share will give someone else a chance to enjoy a good book and maybe learn of a new author. Laura and I will be clearing off a shelf. Thanks for sharing your space Chris!!!
Happy weekend to everyone.

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  1. Your witches are soooo cute! I made mine last week and me and my two granddaughters started making one for each of them this week. Still, I enjoy the "fellowship" of making witches with new sets of ladies!

    Debby Hodges