Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The weather outside was beautiful today, low humidity and low temperatures. A perfect day for dying wool! I realized that I needed quite a few colors for the upcoming fall classes, so I got out the dye pots and got busy. I started dying wool at 8am and it's now 6pm and the pots are still cooking. Didn't realize I had so much wool laying around that could be dyed. That was a nice surprise. Dying is such a process I usually make a day of it and get as much done as I can so I only have the mess to clean up once! At least I should have enough wool for classes now. Look at the pile of wool I started out with. I eventually went through crates and added to that pile. That's a lot of wool to dye but I was determined to get it done since the weather was so nice.
Look at the huge pile of wool I'm starting out with. All that needs to be dyed!
The nutty professor's formulas
The pots are simmering but sorry Markie, it's not dinner!Wonder what colors these cups hold?
Dyes and measuring spoons and wool samples, tools of the trade

Look at all the beautiful colors, just ready for fall applique projects......all in a day's work!

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