Monday, September 21, 2009

Wow, what a busy week with classes. Started off with Boo Black Cat and then another Wilomena Witch class and finished with a City of Oaks wool penny mat class. I have had a great week helping many ladies create beautiful projects. I hope everyone had a great time and love their new creations. This post will be full of pictures for everyone to see how much fun the classes are. New friendships are made, ideas are shared, books are discussed........................a wonderful, relaxing time of fellowship.
Sorry gals, we were having such much fun making our cats, I forgot I had my camera. So one quick picture at the end.
While Sue and Laura are busy stuffing their witches, Christina is on the sewing machine stitching hers up.
Everyone is so busy stuffing, they don't even realize I'm taking pictures. They want these witches to come to life. You may not be able to tell it from the picture, but Stephanie has on a candy corn shirt. I love that she came dressed for the ocassion! And thanks for the beautiful Mums Steph. I love them.
Barbara and Tonya are having a good time while working on their Wilomena's. Barbara brought some wonderful snacks to share with everyone. And, as usual, she was toting them in a couple of her beautiful Longaberger baskets. They were yummy as well as beautiful. Thanks for being so thoughtful Barbara!
Sarah and Christina are looking rather serious at their witches. Come on girls, RELAX!! I love that younger ladies come to the classes. It makes me hopeful that we can still pass on some of the wonderful sewing skills that seem to be getting lost in this generation.
Christina is ready to start the dressing phase of the project. This is where the real fun starts!
Everyone is dressing their witches now. This is where individual personalities will start to show. Debby (who drove all the way from Greenville) decides that standing up will giver her a better perspective on her witch. Here's one Wilamena that's almost done. Christina is trying to decide what else she wants to add to her witch. We have lots of trims and embellishments available to embellish our gals with.
And what a lovely group of witches we have. The ladies all did a wonderful job and they are turned out quite witchy!! Happy witching hour to you!
We moved right from witches to autumn penny mats. This was a smaller class since there is a lot of hands on teaching involved.
As many of you know, we had to move our classes from The Rusty Bucket to a new location because the store is just full of fall merchandise and will only get fuller in the coming months. It was becoming a challenge to find space to have the classes and not disrupt the shop. So Laura (sitting in the foreground) graciously offered me a room in her home to hold classes and the good thing is the house is just around the corner and down the street from The Rusty Bucket. So a great convenient location with a little room to spread our elbows. Thanks a bunch Laura (and Chris, the wonderful husband) for opening your home to all of us creative ladies! And how funny is it that I teach at Laura's house but here she is in mine taking a class. Love that dedication to wanting to get a project started, no matter where I have to go!
To me this is the most fun part of creating a penny mat......choosing the wool. I had lots of beautiful fall colors ready for the ladies to choose from. Wonderful vibrant reds, golds, rusts, oranges, greens, much fun! You won't see a finished picture of the project from these gals. Unfortunately, they have homework to do in order to get their mats finished. Can't wait to see their finished projects!

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  1. What a fun time I had in both classes! I put my witch in a place of honor in my dining room - I asked my husband and son if they "loved her" and they just smiled at me. I know my two granddaughters will want one of their own! Hopefully, she'll make it through Halloween with me - or she may end up with them!

    I took my penny mat to church last night to the administrative board meeting. Everyone was asking me what I was making. The pastor told me he did not mind me sewing during the meeting (we probably had 60 at the meeting). He said he use to have one man at his previous church that would carve crosses at the meetings. I know in the past, one lady would bring knitting to do.

    Anyway, I listened, participated and still completed several "pennies" during the meeting. I am excited - I can do both at one time - it really makes a 1 3/4 hour meeting fly by!