Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What a fun class we had last night. It was the first Wilamina Witch class and the ladies were in rare witchy form. Everyone left with their own one of a kind witch dressed to the nines in organzas and silks with lots of accessorizing trims. Great job gals. We even had a paint fight in the middle of class that the teacher had to break up. Something to do with spells or toads or warts..........................
Uh-oh, a paint fight has broken out between Janie and Robin. The teacher can't turn her back for a second on those two!!!
Finally, the witches are getting their skirts, hair and hats. They are sure looking witchy!

Even after a paint fight, these two witches are still friends!
Ginger and Joan came to the class without a great deal of sewing experience, but both left with beautiful, creative witches. Good job ladies.

Dolly looks tired, has a long drive home but still had a fun time creating her witch. Thanks for all your support Dolly.
How's this for dedication.....Carol (left) came to class with a heart condition and had to stop a couple of times, but persevered and went home with her witch. So glad you're OK Carol. And look how sweet Gerry's witch turned out.
Becky proudly displays her Wilomena Witch. This witch is looking a little tired!

I'm so blessed to be able to work with such wonderful ladies. Thanks so much.

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