Monday, October 5, 2009

Well, I had a fun thing happen on Sunday. I got to take a class from a dear sweet friend. She invited several people over to learn how to make a witch mannequin that she has absolutely perfected. Evette's mannequins (of which I am the proud owner of one) are absolutely beautiful. I had so much fun being with friends and getting creative and for once, being the student. Thanks "E" for a great time. By the way ladies, this may be a class next Fall so get ready!
Evette had a beautiful table set for us to work at along with a model of a witch mannequin (the one she made for me!). We hated to move anything from the table it looked so great.
All the supplies were laid out waiting on witches to be created. There were so many fun things to choose from.
Miss Queen Witch Evette and her magic hat!
A room full of ladies creating mannequins. Everyone's bodies were different fabrics. Wait till you see the finished products. All so unique.
Jan's witch was coming along nicely. What a sweet person she is. She surprised me with "the girls" embroidery pattern all pieced. Can't wait to see it quilted! Thanks a bunch Jan!!!!
Look at all the beautiful witch mannequins. The witches have long since hung up their gowns and hats and are off to dreamland.
Kim's mannequin was quite decked out. I think her witch went to a very special witch's ball!
My mannequin is, of course, the red one and Evette made the purple one. Aren't we the pair of floozies! This was a super fun class taught by an extra special person!!! What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


  1. Wow!!! I love it Sharon, I want to do this class for sure!!!! I bet it was nice to sit back and create something for a change.

    Jenn L.

  2. Too cute! I can't wait until you teach this class!

    Debby Hodges