Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween everyone! I had a visit from Taylor Swift aka Reagan (5 years old) and Belle aka Raleigh (3 years old) the other day. I received a call from their Mom that she couldn't find the girls which totally alarmed me until she whispered in the phone to go along with her. She then said that Taylor Swift, who my granddaughter absolutely loves, had dropped by for a visit and she knew Reagan would be so sad if she didn't get to see her. I asked if I could come over to get an autograph and see Taylor since the girls weren't there. When I arrived, Taylor popped around the corner and greeted me with an autograph in hand. She was so beautiful and sweet. I played along like I didn't know who she really was, like a good grandma should do. Next Belle appeared and Taylor told me that Belle was her backup dancer. I asked Taylor if she would perform for us and she said sure she would. And Belle would dance. Her Mom put a Taylor Swift video on TV for Reagan to sing along with. She got up and performed her little heart out while Belle did the ballet. Belle disappeared after a few minutes and returned in a new costume as Barbie. All told, I believe there were six costume changes for Belle. At the end of the performances, I said I needed to get home and told Taylor how sorry Reagan and Raleigh would be to have missed her. She said "one moment please" and disappeared around the corner. After a minute, she popped around the corner minus the blonde wig and said "Mina, it's me!" I feigned complete shock and couldn't believe that she had fooled me. What an experience it was and how lucky I am that their Mom called to share that with me. My little girls love playing dress-up and start planning their Halloween costumes months in advance. How exciting for them and lucky for us grandparents who get to share in the fun. Have a safe and happy trick-or-treating night!