Thursday, November 5, 2009

Well, Halloween has come and gone. The girls had a blast on Halloween, loved the dressing up part, of course, and participated in lots of activities. Reagan had a soccer game first thing in the morning which I was able to attend. It was her last game of the season and the first one I was able to go to. She scored two goals. They had a party to attend in the afternoon and then a parade around their neighborhood in their costumes. It was all great fun. Then off to the church for a fun evening of rides and entertainment. Not too late for a little trick or treating for two tired little girls.

The new classes have started and turkey mats are being created. The classes were so much fun, but the most interesting thing to me was watching how the turkeys evolved with each one being so unique and different based on the wools that were chosen. Can't wait to see some of the finished pieces.

The rest of the week has been busy helping Pam get The Rusty Bucket ready for the Christmas open house. We've moved furniture around, moved out all the remaining Fall merchandise and brought in lots of fun Christmas merchandise. There are a lot of great hand made creations by local crafters that are just wonderful. I hope everyone will come out and support a much needed local business and get in the Christmas spirit.

I had Raleigh all day today and my friend Evette called and asked if we could come to her house. On the way there Raleigh told me she thought Ms. Evette had five cats. I told her I thought Ms. Evette only had two cats. But Raleigh insisted that she had five cats and one was purple and one was pink. Well, unbeknownst to me, one of Ms. Evette's cats had kittens three weeks ago and there were four little kittens in a crate. Well, Raleigh was beside herself and loved them all and held them and played with them and decided that the orange one was going to be hers. She named it Punkin' because it was the color of a pumpkin. And there was another she decided would be for her sister which she named Flower because "there are black and white flowers Mina". I'll go along with that. Even though the kitten was a calico kitten. Who knows how the mind of a three year old works, but hers is pretty interesting. Her Daddy has already said no way to any animals so we may just have to visit Ms. Evette's house for awhile until the kitties find homes. Anyone up for a sweet little kitten?


  1. The picture of Raleigh with the kittens melt my heart! How sweet!

  2. The pictures turned out awesome. Loved seeing you!