Sunday, November 15, 2009

What a week we've had!! Remnants of a hurricane blew through and brought us some much needed rain but we didn't need the wind that went along with it. I taught several classes this week, some of which I forgot to take my camera to, so there are pictures of some of the gals with their projects. Taught two fun classes on Saturday. I have a busy, busy week ahead of me with classes on most days. It's hard when the holidays are approaching and trying to get as many classes in a shorter amount of time. So thanks for bearing with me ladies.
Marcy came all the way from Michigan just to do a snowman pillow!! Well, actually she came to visit her friend Barbara who just happened to be planning to bring her to the class. Hope you had a fun time Marcy!! It was nice meeting you.
Barbara brought her friend Marcy and also decided to do a blue background for the snowman rather than the red everyone else was doing. He turned out adorable. I always knew Barbara was a rebel in disguise!
Don't tell Darlene's cousin Sharon, but this may be a Christmas present. One thing accomplished Darlene!!
Linda and Debby are working hard on their Christmas Pitcher appliques. This piece is a little more challenging since there is a lot of embroidery embellishing. It will be worth it in the end. I said this was my long distance group. Debby S. came from Fayetteville, Linda came from Pittsboro and also brought her niece who was visiting from New Jersey and Debby H. came from Greenville. So thanks for traveling to the class gals.
Debby H. has been to quite a few classes and comes all the way from Greenville. Her sweet husband has brought her the last couple of times so she wouldn't have to drive alone. Thanks Mike.
Doreen gets the distance award today. She came all the way from New Jersey!!! It was super nice meeting you Doreen and can't wait to hear all about your wool adventures after you get home. Keep stitching!
My granddaughters spent the night last night for the first time in ages it seems. We took them out to dinner and then off to buy a $10 toy for being such good little girls. It was agony for them in the toy aisle to choose something for JUST $10. There were too many temptations so we started adding their wants to the Christmas list. That seemed to help a bit. This morning Reagan reminded me that she wanted to do the turkey mat (like the other ladies got to do she said) and that I needed to help her get started on that. She's asked me for more than a week to do that project and I thought it was a little daunting for her but I guess I'll get busy and put it together and see how she does. I promised her after she got home from church I would have it ready for her to start stitching on. She wants to get it done before Thanksgiving! Well, of course!! Hope everyone has a wonderful fall week.

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  1. Your ladies always look like they're having fun creating! Blessings Sharon for a great Thanksgiving...Barbara