Saturday, November 21, 2009

So what a fun weekend I've had at The Rusty Bucket. Pam and Mack (owners of the shop) were involved in a film festival held in downtown Apex so I got to work in the store so they could be available for all the events. There were lots of movie producers in town for the festival and many dressed up folks. There was even a red carpet to greet the stars of The Rusty Bucket Kids Club show (hopefully to be a regular TV show). I took lots of pictures of Pam and Mack and some of the goings on in between helping customers in the shop. Many of you may remember Charlie Gaddy from WRAL news from years ago. He and his wife Nancy stopped by the store for a few minutes. And on Saturday afternoon Jerry Mathers stopped by for a visit and signed some autographs. That was great fun meeting him since we all loved the Beaver!! Pam and Mack rode in the Model A in the Christmas parade Saturday morning and then stopped by just in time to meet The Beaver. Just a great time in old downtown Apex.

Pam and Mack all gussied up for the big event.

Charlie Gaddy and his wife Nancy

The stars of the show were dropped in front of the Cultural Arts Center to walk the red carpet.

And Jerry Mathers as THE BEAVER

You never know what might happen in the small town of Apex! Happy weekend to everyone.

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  1. fun! I can still look at the Beaver and see the child in him. I guess he will always be the Beaver to everyone.