Friday, November 20, 2009

What a busy week. Lots of classes, watching my little girls, decorating the house for Christmas. So much fun. November 18 was my son Paul and his wife Meredith's 9th anniversary. So we watched the girls so they could go out for a celebratory dinner. We had lots of fun together but the funniest thing was when I handed over the bowl and spoons to the girls after I had finished making up the dough for chocolate covered peanut butter balls. They had a ball cleaning off those spoons. My friend Debbie Busby from Wooden Spool Designs who lives in Portland, Oregon had a very exciting day yesterday, November 19. Her daughter, whose birthday is November 19, gave birth to triplet girls, Hailey, Olivia and Emma. What an exciting day for them and for Amy to share her birthday with her new little girls. They are going to have so much fun in the coming years celebrating that special day. Congratulations to all of them. You can visit Debbie's blog to see pictures of the babies, Amy and proud grandparents.

Some very dear friends visited Massachusetts last week and brought home some "special glasses" for my girls. Reagan often borrows her Poppy's reading glasses when she's sewing so she doesn't get stuck with the needle. Thanks Connie for thinking of the girls!

And last but not least, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around my house!!!! Mark and I are going to be away for Thanksgiving this year and won't be back until December 2, so we decided to go ahead and pack away the fall decorations and get started on Christmas so we wouldn't feel so far behind when we get home. Well, I've just about got the inside done and have really started getting in the Christmas spirit as a result. We'll wait and decorate the outside after we return home. So my porches still look like fall and the inside Christmas. Pretty funny. Here are a few pics I snapped this morning just for fun.
Seems like I am in a red and white mood this year. And maybe candy canes. My favorite color is red so guess that makes sense. I never start out with a plan when I decorate for Christmas. It just sort of happens. I don't think anything is where it was last year which makes it even more fun. Still need some fresh greenery and berries but too soon for that. Here's to warm winter wishes..............................

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