Monday, November 9, 2009

Well, another quick weekend with lots of activities. The Rusty Bucket open house was a great success with lots of familiar faces. It's always a lot of work to get ready for an open house and a great relief when it's over with hopefully some fun mixed in there. My friend Evette and I went to the Just Country open house on Saturday. Neither of us had ever been to one of Jenny's open houses and we planned the day trip a couple of months ago. I, unfortunately, got sick Friday evening and wasn't sure I was going to be able to make the journey. I did go, almost didn't go, didn't feel great, felt better by the afternoon and was glad I got to spend some girl time with my friend. Jenny's open house was also a lot of fun with lots to see. I left with a couple of red electrified lanterns, a wooden box with a hinged lid that used to be used for painting supplies, a nutmeg grater, an old wooden cutting board (great for displays), an old shaving mug and a rusty pan for a candle holder. I go for all Jenny's antique things. After that Evette and I headed over to Fayetteville to one of our new favorite quilt shops -- Quilt 'n tiques. Gail and Naomi are so much fun to visit with and are always very helpful. We both left with some fabric for upcoming projects. We decided we should get home since it was getting late and accidentally passed another quilt shop we had never been to. So a U-turn took us back there with an hour remaining before they closed. Lovely shop, lots of fabric, huge classrooms. But by the time we got there we were so tired we walked out empty handed. Maybe another time. On the way home Reagan (five year old granddaughter) called to say she wanted to come to my house. Well, since we made the last unexpected stop, we were later getting home and she was getting frustrated with me. I asked Evette if we could pick-up the girls and take them to her house for a quick kittie visit since Reagan had not yet met the kittens. So we grabbed the girls and headed to kitty-land. Reagan was very timid and shy and afraid of the kitties at first. She is very, very afraid of dogs and I'm afraid it might carry over to all furry creatures. Raleigh, however, just dove in and grabbed her favorite orange kitten. By the end of the night Reagan finally got to hold a couple of the kittens and was so excited that she had made that achievement. Good for her. Taught my first December 25 pillow class yesterday afternoon. That was great fun and the ladies love the pillow. They, unfortunately, went home with home
work. Can't wait to see the finished pillows. So a very busy weekend with a very busy week ahead.


  1. Hey, I wondered what you bought, and there is is, glad you were able to come, hope your feeling better now!