Friday, May 31, 2013

Porch Sale

Hey everybody!!  It's Porch Sale time and I'm trying to be ready for 9am tomorrow, Saturday, June 1.  It got here really quickly but my schedule has been really busy so the time went by so fast.  I just snapped a few pictures of what I have out so far and I'm still pricing stuff.  So there will be more added as I go along this evening.  There are lots of retired Liberty Rose pieces as well as handcrafted items.  There are also a few antique pieces, fabric from the reorganization of my fabric shelves, dolls, mohair teddy bears that I am parting with sadly, vintage samplers, framed and unframed, a few small furniture pieces, and who knows what else.  I hope you have a little time to stop by and say hey, grab a cold bottle of water and take home a treasure or two!!

No, the potting bench is not for sale before you ask!!!!  But the stuff on it is for sale!!

Not a great picture, bright sun was coming in!

If I don't see you, I hope you have a super great weekend and stay cool and in the shade!  And of course, find a little time to stitch.

Now, back to work for me!!

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  1. I have to so agree with you on the Pinterest thing. But we could have worse addictions...don't ya think?