Monday, July 20, 2009

What a busy weekend. I taught a snowman class on Saturday where the ladies made darling wool snowmen decked out with wool scarves and hats. They turned out adorable.

Just as we were finishing up the snowman class, my husband informed me we had another leak in our ceiling. Sure enough, water spots were traveling all across one end of the room. Oh no, not again. We were looking up at the ceiling and all of a sudden water started pouring down the living room wall. Double OH NO!! So he turned the water off, called our friendly plumber, and waited. Ryan got to the house as quick as he could, inspected the problem, gave us very bad news about where the leak was located and what it would take to fix it and then capped off the line where the leak was. We made a decision at that point to go ahead and get all the pipes replaced. So this week's adventure will be having 1/4 of the ceiling cut away in the living room and I guess some of the walls so the pipes can be replaced. Oh whoa is us!!! But hopefully this will solve those bad pipe problems and we can stop worrying about leaks every few weeks. After my class was over I looked at my husband and said just great, I have an open house on Sunday with 30 ladies coming in and a big hole in my ceiling. Oh well, maybe no one will look up!!

The open house was for Stampin' Up's new catalog preview. I decided to have Christmas in July projects to give everyone a headstart on planning Christmas cards and projects. The event was a lot of work for me but also a lot of fun planning and preparing for. Lots of wonderful ladies came to the house and had a good time stamping, eating, visiting and looking at all the new goodies from Stampin' Up. Thanks for coming everyone!!

Lou, Tammy & Avery, Mom, daughter & granddaughter, stamping together!
Heather & Debby, a crafting duo
Evette, Stephanie & Sandra hard at work having fun!

Rhonda & Pam take time from their card making for a pose
Ooooh, so much to choose from!
Thanks again to everyone who came to the house this weekend for all the crafting projects. What a great way to spend with friends, new and old!

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  1. Ugghhh!! We missed the open house!!!! Natalie is very upset with me. Sorry about the leak, that is awful!!