Thursday, July 9, 2009

On this date 33 years ago I married my husband. How fast those 33 years have gone by and how hard it is to believe that it has actually been that long. But some days my bones make me remember that it can be that long ago! This being our 33rd anniversary, what better way to spend it than with our two granddaughters. The girls came over around 8am and were here until 3pm. We had bought the girls two dress-up dresses while we were in Florida so I presented those dresses to them this morning. They immediately started stripping clothes to get into the new gowns. Reagan posed for pictures and even had a parade in her new gown. Raleigh, however, would not even let me take one picture of her. She ran everytime I lifted the camera, thus no beautiful picture of Raleigh.

At lunchtime we had a picnic on the back porch. It was a beautiful day outside with low humidity, not very common this time of year so we decided to take advantage of it. After lunch we headed to the garden to see what might be ready to pick. The girls found lots of cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and green peppers that needed to be picked. They had so much fun hunting the cherry tomatoes among all the vines. I'm afraid the garden has turned into quite a jungle.

After the garden adventure was over, we unloaded our bounty into a basket. I went around the house to take some pictures of beautiful flowers when I heard the girls squealing in the back yard. I ran around back to find that Reagan had turned on the sprinkler and they were both
running through the sprinkler, with their clothes on. They had a blast playing in the sprinkler and even chased me with it a couple of times.

Of course I didn't have a change of clothing for them, so once they were bathed I dressed them in a couple of my PJ shirts while I washed and dried their clothes. They spent the rest of the afternoon coloring and watching their favorite shows. What a busy, busy time we always have.

Mark will be spending a couple of hours with the girls this evening while I teach a class so he will get his girl time in also. I'm sure they will be modeling their new gowns for their Poppy!

Happy anniversary to us!

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  1. Happy Anniversary!! Sorry I am late. Missed you at the stitch group while you were gone!!!