Monday, July 27, 2009

I had a class to teach Sunday afternoon. In preparation for the class I was in my workroom getting the supplies out and for some reason I ended up in a cabinet looking for something. I can't remember now if it was something I needed for the class or not, but I ended up emptying most of what was in the cabinet, as you can see from the picture. I sat in the middle of the floor with piles all around me, organizing and sorting through things. Still don't know what I was looking for, don't even know if I found it. But the cabinet got organized. Must be old age. Had another nice group of ladies and a fun class. More Santas were created and again, it is funny to see how each one turns out so differently. Everyone starts with the same mold and they all develop their own special personalities. Thanks gals for a fun afternoon. Or as Liza might say, a wee bit of a good time.

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