Friday, July 24, 2009

A day with my girls. The morning started out early at 8am and was just a busy day all day. Reagan and Raleigh are always busy doing something, drawing, coloring, acting out their favorite TV show, playing on the computer, playing doctor and pet doctor, picking vegetables from Poppy's garden........always active. However, I caught Reagan lounging in a haphazard way this afternoon, just relaxing and enjoying a show. I remembered that she starts kindergarten on Monday so this was her last weekend of FREEDOM. So lounge away little girl. Reagan went school clothes shopping with her mother this afternoon and Raleigh stayed behind with me. Oh what fun she had playing games on the computer, something she's not normally allowed to do because big sister usually controls that keyboard. She played for five hours on the computer, going from one site to another. She had the best time and was quite adept at maneuvering around the sites. I had a revelation after she had been on the computer for about three hours. She was using her right hand and doing OK but having a little difficulty with the mouse. Well, the little thing is left handed! So I said whoa Raleigh, let's fix something here. I moved the mouse to her left side and after a couple minutes of getting used to the new arrangement she was fine. Have to remember that left hand!! My son asked if they made left-handed mouses. Do they? Speaking of my son, he came by to pick up Raleigh who informed him she was never ever going home again and she was living with Mina and Poppy. So adamant and so cute. She ended up crying and going home with Daddy. Oh well. But getting back to my son, he was helping Raleigh work on the computer and I snapped a picture of him. Isn't he a handsome fella?! My younger son lives too far away for me to get candid shots of him but don't worry, I'll see him at Thanksgiving time so get ready for lots of pictures Eric!!! I got in a little stitching while sitting with Raleigh at the computer but not a very productive day all in all. That's Ok, my little girls are growing up so quickly I relish the time I have with them. I'll be working at The Rusty Bucket tomorrow helping celebrate their five year anniversary. Come on down and visit. Big sales and door prizes.

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