Thursday, July 30, 2009

Well, the demolition has begun. I have holes all over my living room ceiling and walls, in the kitchen, and in the two bathrooms upstairs so far. Ryan is trying not to cut out more than he has to, but he also has to get those pipes replaced. So hopefully by this time tomorrow we will have all new pipes and not have to worry about leaks ever again. Then we have to get the drywall repaired and then there will be lots of painting to be done. I may be thinking about redecorating a little bit since all this work has to be done and things have to be painted. Might as well think about some changes. Just hadn't gone that direction yet in my mind but now that I see how much is actually being cut away, might be a good time to start thinking. Oh my brain!!! And we all know I love to decorate. We'll see..................
Mark is trying to be the plumber's assistant.......anyone up there?


  1. Wow....Bless your Heart....and your right, may as well do some redecorating while its all torn up!!!

  2. Can't wait to see what changes you will make!! OH...MARK is such a good helper!!