Wednesday, July 8, 2009

We had a fun July recipe card class tonight. The recipe is for a Patriotic Fruit Trifle which is a delectable dessert that was created by my friend Sally. When I asked to turn the dish into a recipe card, Sally volunteered to make the trifle for two of the groups, the one she belonged to and one other group. So tonight's group were the lucky recipients of a very beautiful and delicious treat. The ladies worked diligently at getting their cards done knowing that a treat was waiting for them. The card we did last month was a great card but a little more intense than tonight's card.

It's hard to imagine that a beautiful recipe card will come of all the bits and pieces of paper that you see lying on the tables. But one does evolve and by the end of the evening, everyone has a new card to add to their collections.
And of course, being the month of July we had to have a patriotic theme to the card. Look at that sweet little boy that came from a vintage picture I borrowed from a friend. Who knew he would end up in a recipe card some day.

For those of you not familiar with our little recipe classes, my friend Evette and I meet and design a card for each month, usually theme related to the month. We then teach classes at The Rusty Bucket located in Apex, NC where several groups of ladies attend each month to create their own one of a kind recipe card. We met all through last year and are still going strong this year. The classes are so much fun and are a great stress reliever as well as allowing individuals to be creative and also complete a project within an hour or so. We've made lots of new friends and love seeing what each month will bring in the way of our project. Evette and I are surprised by some of the things we've created!! We never know what might come from our brains (or lack thereof!). Thanks ladies for making this such a fun time for us and hopefully taking home a little of that joy too.

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  1. Wow!! You go girl.....aren't you just the blogger!! I am proud of you!! You are encouraging me at the same time!! Love hearing about the recipe card gathering and what a Beautiful Treat!!