Monday, March 1, 2010

Ready for SPRING!

OK, February is over, my birthday has come and gone, it's time to think SPRING!  I think all of us here in the south are a little confused over our winter this year.  It has been colder, wetter, and a little snowy.  Our average temperature here is 50-55 degrees most of the winter.  We don't usually wear winter coats, light jackets normally suffice.  But this winter we've had to wear coats quite often it seems.  I don't like that.  I love the snow and how beautiful it is, but by now my daffodils should be blooming and radiating their beautiful yellowness!  So I decided to post pictures of the upcoming classes for March and April which are pretty "springy" in hopes that maybe that would lift our winter doldrum spirits a little.  Maybe if we start creating spring, it will appear a little sooner.
This class is called Chicks and Pussy Willows
Obviously called Spring Greetings, this is the beginning embroidery project
Three Little Chicks, how fun and springy. 
They could also be done in different colors of wool like little peeps.
This little mouse doesn't technically have anything to do with spring other than the fact he's holding a strawberry.  He's just a fun pincushion.
And last but not least, our Christmas project for this session.  Three sweet trees, all in a row.  This is a fun mat to work on and now you can get started early for Christmas gifts!

I hope all of you enjoy the snow that is coming our way tomorrow and stay safe!

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