Thursday, March 4, 2010

I am determined to make spring happen!!  I dyed wool yesterday in beautiful greens, roses and yellows.  Now if that's not springy I don't know what is!!!
And today I decided to get out a few spring/Easter decorations to push the season along.
I just love the chickies. 
This is my favorite bunny.  He is made from mohair and I've had him a very long time.  And of course, a couple more chicks.  Now maybe if my house feels like spring, it will be spring outside soon.  If the weather warms up, maybe I'll do some more decorating.
Raleigh was helping me decorate and put the pictures on the blog so we had to include a couple pictures of her.  She chose the poses she wanted me to put on the computer.  I think sometimes she wants to be a model with all her little poses.   When I'm taking pictures of her, she twists and turns and cocks her head from one side to the other.  Maybe she's seen a photo shoot at some time or another, who knows.  She's just funny to me!
So think warmer temperatures everyone and let's make spring arrive here in the sunny south!!

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