Monday, March 29, 2010

I have quite a few old sewing boxes.  Most are still ok on the insides but I grabbed one to use Saturday morning and the insides practically fell apart in my hands.  It was similar to the one in the picture above except smaller.  Well, next thing I knew, I had the insides totally ripped out and an empty shell of a box sitting there looking pretty pathetic.  So I decided to try and recover the inside of the little box.  What did I have to lose at this point!  Believe it or not ladies, I used a lot of glue on this project!!  Anyone who takes classes with me will attest to the fact that I don't like to use glue or fusibles, but in this project it was impossible not to use glue.  So I started measuring, cutting and trimming and came up with a brand new little sewing box.  I love it!!
The fabric has sweet little cherries all over it so I stitched a pincushion that says "Stray Pins" on a piece of vintage linen that already had two little cherries.  Now I have a fun box to keep my everyday sewing supplies in.  The box makes me smile everytime I open it!

And speaking of  smiling, Evette called and said she had been working on her own little creations Saturday and couldn't wait to share them.  She came over Saturday evening with two of the sweetest little for her and one for me.  I, unfortunately, didn't get a picture of hers but maybe that's best since it might be a future class and I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise.  But I do have a picture of the one she made for me and I absolutely love it.  She worked really hard getting the "tomato" on top of the box.  It's adhered with a button on top of the tomato which then connects through a button on the underside of the box.  It's so nice to be surprised with sewing gifts!!  Thanks E!!!

I spent the morning taking pictures of a couple of new patterns before I ship the models off to Oregon.  Debbie and I will be teaching in July together and these were a couple of the things that are going to be taught while I'm there.  It's hard getting a good picture for the front of the pattern and so important to have a good shot to show the pattern.  That has always been the most challenging part of putting together a pattern for me.
This is Holly girl.  As a result of this pattern, I'm now designing eight more blocks to go with her which will hopefully be a wool block of the month next year.  Nothing like a little pressure!
This pattern is a re-make of an older pattern called Candy Canes and Gingerbread.  The older one only had two gingerbread men and three candy canes and a few other differences.  I decided, during one of my classes, to update the mat.  However, I had put it aside, unfinished, to move onto other projects.  Didn't know Debbie was going to want me to teach it so had to drag it back out and get it done.  I love the new candy canes.
Reagan is tracked out of school for the next three weeks.  Her Mommy called to see if I could watch her today so she could go to her office and get something done.  Reagan is a very busy, creative little girl.  Even though she brought two latch hook rug projects to work on, she ended up wanting to paint.  So she's very busy right now working on a picture of her family that she wants to take home with her this evening.  Can't wait to see the finished product. 

Happy Monday to everyone......................

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  1. Neat patterns and I love the pincushion E made, and love the next post of Raleigh! What a cutie.