Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter to everyone!! 

My girls came on their normal Thursday and spent part of the day with me.  I asked their Daddy to bring them in their pajamas and white sandals.  I had new dresses for each of them to wear for the day.  They were going to be leaving for the river Thursday afternoon and we wouldn't be seeing them on Easter so I decided to play dress-up and have an early Easter celebration with them.  So, of course, Easter wouldn't be complete without the Easter Bunny dropping off a couple of baskets filled with goodies.........
Of course, GIRL goodies.  The girls tease their Poppy (my husband) that they only want GIRL toys, not boy toys.  Tucked somewhere in one of the baskets is the new Barbie Mermaid movie and a Barbie Mermaid coloring book for each and of course, Barbie Mermaid dolls.  Lots of other fun goodies tucked in the baskets.  They had a great time pulling everything out.  We then had to watch the new movie.
Jennifer made the sweet little bunny buckets for each of the girls, filled with candy carrots.  I tucked those in the baskets and the girls loved them.  And the "carrots" were eaten up in a hurry.  Thanks for thinking of my girls Jennifer.
Reagan and Raleigh posing in their new dresses.  It is so hard to get a good picture of these two anymore.  They act like models everytime I try to take a picture and do lots of poses and silly faces, trying to be model-like.  I want them to be natural, but guess when you're a little girl in a new dress, that's hard.
The tulip tree looks beautiful........
as does the Bradford Pear........
as does the Redbud tree.  This is my most favorite tree in the spring, so soft and delicate and beautiful, with heart shaped leaves onces the flowers are gone. 

My husband just came in and asked me if I had shared his big news of the week.  Of course, I told him no but now I guess I should share since it was huge for him.  He gave birth to twins this week......two kidney stones at one time!!  He had been suffering with kidney stone pain for quite some time, finally went to the doctor where they did x-rays and said it was unusual, but he had two stones back to back.  So after more pain and suffering (he was really pitiful), he finally passed the stones.  He was so proud of them and caught them in a strainer which the doctor asked him to do.  Mark has quite an extensive collection of stones from the past which he is saving to make me a bracelet someday!!  Aren't I just one lucky gal??!!  

I had the entire day at home yesterday (Friday) with no interruptions.  The girls were gone, Mark was at work, no classes, just me and my workroom.  So I got busy working on a couple of new designs which will hopefully end up as a block of the month for next year.  I'm super happy with one of the pieces, which I'm busy stitching on now, but still looking at the other piece which is laying on a table.  Everytime I walk by the table I try and decide if I like the layout or not, the colors, the flowers.  It's tough sometimes, when you design pieces, by yourself, no other opinions.  So I will proabably carry this one with me to get some feedback.  Anyway, had a great time in my room doing what I love to do best, doodling (because I can't draw), designing, playing with the wool.  What a great way to start the weekend.

A little tease for Laura!!!


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