Monday, April 19, 2010

Feeling Overwhelmed......

Do you ever have one of those days when there are not enough hours to get everything done?  Well, I'm having one of those days with no end in sight it seems.  I guess that's not entirely true since most of these things need to be finished today, but  if I look around my work room it's a bit overwhelming.  There's not an empty table in the room!  Let me show you.
Off and on today working on the May recipe card.......thinking Mexican theme........some mind blocks.......bright and colorful paper every where!  So this table top is covered.
Trying to pull embroidery floss for a new embroidery design to coordinate with the May recipe card class.  Lots of beautiful floss colors to choose from.  Another table top covered!
Working on Calendar Girl patterns, taping the pictures to the fronts of the patterns.  Again, another table top covered with a project in progress.
A quilting project waiting to happen.  It just garners a small corner of a table top.
A pattern order getting ready to be shipped out.  Ooops, no more table tops, had to start using the floor.
Wools and other fun materials crated up for tomorrow evening's mouse pincushion class.  This will soon be loaded in the back of my car so that will free up a little space!

So do you see what I mean, a bit overwhelmed with projects and no space to put them all.  This doesn't include all the projects tucked away in bags, totes, and who knows where else they might be hiding.  These are just the things I needed to accomplish today!  HELP!

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