Friday, April 30, 2010

Cameron Days

For those of you that live locally, you probably know that this is the weekend for Cameron Days.  I look forward to going to Cameron at least twice a year, usually for the two Cameron Days events.  Cameron is such a sweet, quaint town and when all the antique vendors show up for Cameron Days, it takes on a whole new life.  This is the first year that the show was open on Friday so Evette and I decided to go to Cameron a day earlier than normal and see what we could find. 
I just love this little potting shed.  I keep telling my husband that I need one in the backyard so I took a couple pictures of this one to give him an idea of what I'm talking about.  Maybe a little bigger, but I love this look.  Happened to get Evette shopping in the picture too.
Back view of the shed.  Love the old window in the back!!
Look at all the beautiful potted plants just waiting to go home with someone.  They were so much prettier in person.
I thought a got a picture of the adorable child's desk that these books were sitting on, but it disappeared.  Oh well, still love this vingnette with the fabric covered books and old coin purses.  This was in Barb's booth from Cabin in the Woods. 
Speaking of Barb, here she is with her best friend.  They look like such good friends.  Barb has some super cool stuff in her booth so be sure to check it all out. 
Saw these keys on a board in the back of a truck.  I asked if I could take a picture.  This guy had every kind of old key you could imagine.  There were just as many on the back side of the display.  He said he had 6000 keys on this board.  Amazing and very cool.
Isn't this just the coolest potting bench you've ever seen.  I sure thought it was and Philip is the very talented and creative person that made the potting bench.  Guess what, it's coming to my house soon!!!
Just loved this little display in the Old Hardware Store.
Another fun display at the Old Hardware Store.  Could have taken a hundred pictures of all the cool stuff in their shop.  Always fun to visit.
Jenny from Just Country.  Even though her allergies were bothering her, she still had a smile on her face.  Always fun to visit with Jenny and hubby Herb.  Their booth looked great as always!
Herb sure looked cute holding that little spring time doll.  He's such a great guy!
Caught Evette offguard trying to decorate her new blue rack.  She thinks she wants to embroider, or find, fun vintage days of the week towels to hang on the new rack.  This would look great in her kitchen once she gets it figured out!

We walked, we looked, we visited, we bought, we thought, we saw lots of friends, got lots of hugs, got tired, hungry and hot, but had a wonderful day together in Cameron.  Happy weekend.


  1. Great pictures Sharon, love the one of Barb and Brenda!!!
    Glad you came, you two make everything FUN!!!

  2. Hi Sharon....I just found your blog through Jen's blog and I know I am going to love following your blog! I am putting you on my list of favorites. Love all of the pictures of your projects. May have to come there for the next Cameron show.

  3. So jealous, next year I'll have to make sure not to plan Seth's party on top of this event. I went last Fall and loved it! I forgot it was being held on Friday as well but it's probably best that I didn't go because then I wouldn't of been able to finish things for Seth's party. I can't wait to see your treasures.