Thursday, April 8, 2010

I had a nice group of ladies meet yesterday afternoon to make a mouse pincushion. 
They were all working so studiously!
Look out sweet this little guy turned out.
That strawberry looks good enough to eat.
Who says mice aren't cute!!
The girls were here today.  They went out first thing in the morning to play in the new sandbox their Poppy made them.  Nothing like building sandcastles first thing in the morning.
Awww, a little water will help this castle take shape.
Oh, little Raleigh can reach the spout now.  I believe we might be in trouble.  I'm not sure how much water went in the bottle, but we had to take her clothes off and dry them when all was said and done.  But hey, that doesn't matter when you're busy building sandcastles!

I'm busy working on the models for the May/June classes.  It's going to be strawberry and tomato season!!  I hope to have pictures posted on the web site calendar section in the next few days.

Happy almost Friday to everyone.

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