Friday, April 23, 2010

What a difference a few days make.  All those piles from the previous post are gone.  Orders were completed and mailed, patterns were put together and filed away, things got accomplished.  Now the tables are covered with piles of wool because I'm working on some new designs.  That's a lot more fun than earlier in the week.  This type of work is really play work!!

Love my little girls. I've had them a couple days this week. While Reagan was here we worked on a BEE project for a science fair coming up at her school. She was so proud this morning when we added the finishing touches.  She worked super hard coloring all the pictures and getting everything cut out and mounted on the posterboard.

A quick picture of sweet Raleigh before she got out of the car to to go school this morning.  She looked so sweet and summery.
Well, maybe one more picture!
Reagan was posing for pictures outside and I caught this picture of her off guard.  Love that angelic face!
And this picture is Reagan's reaction as I was explaining to her where our dead Dalmation was "buried".  I was snapping her picture as I was explaining to her the process of cremation.  Loved it as her expression changed with each snap of the camera.  She was pretty amazed that Ralphie "lived" in our laundry room!

Happy weekend everyone.  Enjoy the days.......

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