Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's truly spring now.........baseball has started.  We love baseball in our family.  Both of my sons played from the time they were four years old, every spring and summer and sometimes fall seasons.  We practically lived at the ball fields when they were young.  And as they grew up they played in high school, American Legion games, college and professionally and we had more ball games to attend.  But now, maybe the best of all, our oldest granddaughter is playing T-ball.  So what fun we will have all over again, but from a girl's perspective of the game!
Posing before the game.  I can't ever remember my boys looking this sweet before a game!!
A little pre-game stragegy before the game from the coaches (Mom & Dad!)
She looks fierce with the batting helmet on!! Or NOT!!!
Batter up!!  Look at that stance.....you can tell she's going to be a slugger just like her Daddy!  Reagan was very proud to tell me that she had the highest number on the team on her uniform.
And while big sister played T-ball, Raleigh picked leaves....................
And made new doggie friends!  This was way more fun than playing T-ball!

Hope everyone enjoys the sunshine days and takes time out for a little baseball!

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  1. Don't you love it! After watching my children play ball, I get to go to my second granddaughter's softball game tonight! She is only four and, also, a slugger! It upsets her nine-year old sister, that Brianna will go and meet the ball - she is an aggressive batter!

    I love the sweet pictures of your granddaughters, Sharon.