Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We had the last Christmas Tree Runner class last night.  Everyone had fun and went home with lots of homework stitching to do.  I know they'll get these runners done in plenty of time for Christmas.
 Linda got busy right away getting things cut out while Betsy was just as busy choosing wool to use for her trees and presents.

Laura had already taken the class so she was a little ahead of the other ladies.  I was glad to see Barbara again who came down from Pennsylvania to visit her sister Betsy.  Whenever Barbara is in town, she stops in for a class.  She's a very talented stitcher! 
Sandy was working diligently on picking out wools and getting all the pieces cut out.  It takes a bit of time for any project just to get the pieces all in order and laid out properly. 
Finally, time to sit and stitch.  Don't the ladies look so productive.

What a great setting.  So peaceful and calm.  The perfect way to end a busy day! 
It's time to do the drawing for the bunny giveaway.  I had lots of names in the box to choose from.  In order for the drawing to be fair and unbiased, we asked Laura's husband, Chris, to do the honors.  He was just so excited to be involved in our little drawing.  Drumroll.................. 
Oh the suspense is killing us...........I think Chris is milking his photo op!! 
Please, just pick a name already!! 
And the winner is....................... 
CONNIE DEETER, congratulations Connie.  The ladies wanted to throw your name back in the box and do it all again...........just kidding..........well, not really!  Anyway, your little Velveteen Rabbit awaits you. 
And just to keep things exciting, we had Chris draw another name for the baby bunny which I originally wasn't going to give away.  And the winner of the baby bunny is.................... 
PAT GALLO........congratulations Pat.  You can pick your bunny up anytime.  And they wanted to throw your name back in the box too, for what it's worth.  But then they knew I would feel badly and go home and make more bunnies or something like the group decided you could have the bunny since your name was drawn fair and square.  Nice ladies. 

And a special thanks to Chris for his help in drawing the names and keeping us on the edge of our seats. 

Also forgot to mention that Debbie Powell of Henderson won the drawing for the mouse pincushion.  She said she was so excited and couldn't believe she had won.  She hadn't won anything since the hamster that she won when she was 8 years old that her mother made her trade in for a goldfish.  So contratulations Debbie.  No trading in this mouse!!

The May and June classes are getting ready to start next week.  Hard to believe how quickly April went by.  I'm ready for some strawberries and tomatoes.  Come join us when you can.

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