Sunday, May 2, 2010

Well, I drove back to Cameron yesterday late afternoon to pick-up my potting bench.  I couldn't figure out a way to get it before June and I sure didn't want to wait that long.  I called up Evette and asked if she was ready for a quick road trip and she happily agreed to go with me.  Thank goodness because I was driving my husband's old red pick-up truck and I don't like to drive it close to home, much less any distance.  So I was happy to have my sidekick with me!!!
Here we are, all loaded up.  This thing weighs a ton.  Doesn't look quite so attractive in the back of the truck.  Philip told me when I picked the bench up that he had gotten five orders from people who saw my bench and wanted one too.  So great for him. 

Now for the next part of the story, I don't have pictures.  You should have seen Mark and I trying to get this thing off the back of the truck and up onto the porch.  We finally got it on the porch where we were able to then load two of the legs onto a piano dolly.  I pulled the dolly and Mark pushed from the other end.  We were a sight.  But we managed to get it to the screened in porch right where I envisioned it and now, here's how it looks......................
As you can see, I've had a lot of fun decorating the potting bench.  Not sure why it's called a bench since there's no place to sit!
This sweet little bird house has been in the garage for a year.  I brought it back from Oregon last summer and something got broken on it so I never did anything with it.  Decided this morning it was time to get it fixed up and onto a new home.
Couldn't have a potting bench without tomatoes!!!!

And you never know when you might need some rain boots for working in the garden
I found this metal tray at the Old Hardware Store in Cameron.  It has four divided sections and some sort of French gardening words etched around the outside.  Just perfect for my new toy!

Lots of fun odds and ends.  The cool thing is I already had all this "stuff" tucked away in the garage or here and there. 
I just fell in love with this concrete statue.  Found her in the Old Hardware Store also.  She weighs a ton but I thought she would be great to go with the new bench.  I put her on the front porch for a bit and I really liked her out there too.  I'll have to come up with a sweet name for her.....maybe Emma or Sarah or Hannah or Emily........................

OK ladies, time for the May recipe card classes.  I do believe we're going to be coloring and it sure looks a little bright compared to what we normally do.  Think Cinco De Mayo!!

Merry gardening days and decorating dreams to everyone!


  1. Sharon...............that potting bench looks great right where you put it. And it's so great that you had all of the "stuff" to decorate it too.

  2. I love that bench!! And you have great stuff on it and looks great!


  3. Everything looks great Sharon....funny, Evette just knew you couldn't wait to get it and she was right!