Sunday, May 16, 2010

What a week I've had.  Lots of classes, class preparation, working on new models for July/August classes and watching the girls.  Just a super busy week with no posts and lots going on.  And I kept forgetting to take the camera to classes so I apologize to the fun classes where there are no pictures to show how much fun we were having!!
Several of the ladies working on recipe cards at my house.  This group has been meeting for several years and always come to my house. 

Went to a little consignment shop one day and found all these fun jars.  One can never have too many pretty jars to fill with fun things!
Working on a new project for a July (and more) class.  It's called Wool Crazy and it just about makes you crazy (but in a good way!).  Lots of fun, unlimited creativity, and a long way to go before I'm finished!
Finished my quilt squares for my class homework.  I'm using Christmas fabrics and can't wait to see it all together.  There are 25 blocks in total that we will be assembling next Saturday.  Stay tuned!
Several ladies got together Saturday morning to work on Debbie Busby's Strawberries and Cream pattern.  It is strawberry season and this piece will make a great addition to everyone's decor when done!  Carolyn is really concentrating on her needle.
Betty wanted to be in the witness protection program but I think NOT!!
Kim looks so festive in her polka dotted shirt.  Matches the project she's working on!!  Glad you came to class Kim.  Hope I'll see you at more!!
Laura and Pam attend a lot of classes together.  They're such good friends and have so much fun together.

After class was over, several of us headed to our friend Jennifer's house to help her celebrate her 40th birthday.  It was supposed to be a surprise party but unfortunately we didn't get there in time to yell surprise when she walked in the door.  She pulled in her driveway just as we were coming down the street.  So here she comes out of the house yelling " You GUYS!" and we're all yelling surprise, here we are!

Jennifer's best friend Janet helped set things up along with Jennifer's sweet husband, Bernie.  They put out quite a spread for everyone to enjoy.
Like mother, like daughter.............Jennifer and Alice
Ooooh, presents!
We ended up in Jennifer's workroom, which most of us had never had the opportunity to visit.  It was a bit overwhelming with all she had in there.  Fabric galore, all nicely organized on shelves by color, projects, quilts, books, just mind boggling and a dream to be in.  This was one of the projects that Jennifer was working on that I fell in love with.  A little grandmother's flower garden quilt.  I told her the colors were perfect for my dining room!! hint hint  I loved the way she had all her tiny little peices organized.
Laura finally couldn't resist any longer and had to play with the fabrics.  It was EYE CANDY!!
I gave Jennifer one more gift.........the banner that my husband got me when I turned 50.  I told her 50 was just around the corner from 40 and I was passing the gauntlet!
Thanks for letting us be part of your celebration!


  1. Thank you Sharon!! And thank you again for helping me celebrate!!!

  2. Love your quilt pieces! I finished mine and can't wait to see how everyone's pieces look when they come together. Mike asked me if I was going to sew all night on Saturday. I think I almost did as when I woke up I should have been at church (8:30 - early service).

  3. Thanks so much for a wonderful class Sharon. Have been working on my Strawberries and Cream and love it love it love it. The day was a great day and quite the memory maker. Take care and have a great week.