Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hey everybody. This is just going to be a fun "GIRL" post. Raleigh was here on Thursday all day and then both girls were here Sunday afternoon while their Mom and Dad went birthday shopping for the girls. So we just had some good old fun, going to the Farmer's Market in Raleigh, snapping the fresh green beans we bought at the Farmer's Market, dinner, toasting marshmallows, playing in the sandbox. So hope you enjoy my GIRL pictures.
On Thursday, Raleigh asked to see the bird in the cuckoo clock.  I can't lift her up anymore so I told her she would just have to wait on the bird to pop his little head out.  She had two minutes to wait, but that seemed like an eternity to her.................
How much longer Mina?  I'm tired of waiting.  Notice the doll isn't so prominent anymore!
Oh, it's been too long, my neck is hurting.  How much longer? 
Finally, there it is.  Look how happy a simple little cuckoo bird can make a child.  Funny how we forget the small things in our daily lives.  I try to see those things through Raleigh and Reagan.
Fresh green beans from the Farmer's Market........YUM!
Reagan was initially excited about snapping the green beans since she had never done anything like that before.  I told her stories about my grandma's garden and how we would go out and pick the green beans and then clean them up and snap them for her to cook for us.  She thought that was most interesting since she's never really been to a farm before.  She loved the idea that I had a grandma that had a farm with all that good food on it.  After awhile though, Reagan got very tired of snapping beans when she saw how few she had done and how many more had to be done.  Poppy and I were both helping, but the bowl was pretty full.  We got them done, cooked them up and they were so good. 
Poppy and Raleigh taking a break in the sand box.
Toasting some marshmallows after dinner.  Raleigh wasn't too sure she liked this idea.  Reagan, however, loved it and ate three marshmallows!
Still room in the upcoming snowman head ornament class.  Come join me!!  Check the calendar on the web site for dates and times..........
Enjoy the rainy days..................

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