Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rain, rain, don't go away.  YAY!  We are finally getting some much needed rain and I am loving it!  My flowers are singing in the rain they are so happy. 

I had a couple of classes yesterday on a gloomy, rainy Monday.  Forgot to get the camera out for the first class and almost forgot it during the second class, but did manage to snap a couple pictures of the gals.
Heather is busy laying out her pennies for the tomato penny mat.  I love all the reds she chose!
Linda was with me in the first class.  I love that she chose to spend her day with me!!  Linda is leaving for Florida later in the week and this project will be perfect to work on during her long car ride.
Heather is so cute and love that dimple girl!!  This was a just for fun picture because I forgot to take pictures. 
A picture I took at Jennifer's house.......
A teeny tiny peek at some of the fabric that was on Jennifer's overflowing shelves......red, my favorite color, of course! 

Have a great rainy Tuesday.........go splash in some puddles!

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