Sunday, May 23, 2010

Don't these look fun.  Little tomato pincushions.  My friend Debbie made me one of these and the little needlekeep and I just can't stop making them.  They are so much fun.  We've had a bunch of classes this week and I realize that if you blog, you should blog on a more regular basis so you don't have so much to put in one post.  But when you're super busy and can't do that, I guess you just have to bear having a lot of pictures at one time.  Sorry.

Tricia and Laura working diligently on their projects. 
Tricia is loving her little tomatoes.  They're finally starting to look like tomatoes!
Another class where the ladies were making fabric covered journals with a sweet little strawberry applique, in honor of our wonderful strawberry season that is unfortunately coming to an end.
Betsy and Carolyn are really concentrating.  Betsy is leaving for her home in New York next week and we'll all miss her........but she'll be back!!!!  Safe travels Betsy.
It's looking great Dolly.  Poor Dolly had been up since 4am and still came to class.  I would have been asleep at that point!  Thanks for hanging in there Dolly.
Carolyn proudly displays her completed journal.  Looks beautiful.  Write lots of wonderful thoughts in it!!
Time for class #2 of the beginning quilt class.  Pam and Laura got together and made pincushions to match their quilts.  This is Pam's pincushion and fabrics.  So happy!
The gals hard at work, well some of them.......
Debbie (the teacher) helping Debby (the student) pin on her borders.  This was the most exciting part becuase we all knew there was an end in sight!!
Ta-da!  This is my quilt sampler (with only two borders attached).  It is so cheerful and happy.  You will all have to see it in person when it's done.  It makes me smile!!\
Have a great Sunday!

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  1. I love your quilt top - it looks great! You know I love Becky! I also really like the journals also - very nice!!