Saturday, May 8, 2010

Raleigh and I spent the day together on Thursday.  We did lots of things around the house and eventually ended up in my workroom, which can be an adventure all in itself.  I decided to organize some papers that had been piled on a shelf, trying to free up some space and ended up with a pile of "trash" in the middle of the floor.  While I was working on organizing that pile of papers, I ran across several pattern pieces and old patterns.  I decided that I needed to stop organizing and make a pincushion for a possible July class.  Talk about attention deficit.............
So now I have bits and pieces of wool laying around while I'm creating a new pincushion................which led me to, for some reason, kitting up the upcoming summer months of Calendar Girls...................
So I ended up with another pile on the floor in place of the trash pile which I had cleaned up............which somehow led me to sorting lots of buttons which I ran across while organizing the shelves which may be for some possible future sale......................
and then I ended up making a bed which I had washed the sheets for with Raleigh's help.  She was so sweet helping me put on the sheets and quilts and we each took a pillow to put a case on.  Somehow hers ended up on her head. 
And then on Saturday morning several ladies headed to Laura's house for our first quilt class.  We all had lots of beautiful fabric as Pam shares her stash.......
and we'll all end up with such beautiful, totally different quilts in the end.  I'm working with Christmas fabrics that I had picked up here and there a few years ago.  I'll be happy to use them up.
No, Laura, I'm going to be the teacher today.  Take your seat please!
The class was small, with five students, which enabled Debbie to give everyone the attention and instruction they needed.  She was such a delightful teacher, with so many funny sayings, that I started to write them down.  One bit of wisdom she shared with us was to "not fry bacon naked and if you are over 50, don't sew without your bra.  That way you won't have saggy seams".  Well, at this point we all cracked up.  And from there class was underway!!
Lunchtime.  Everyone brought goodies to share and it was so delicious.  We had broccoli and spinach quiches, strawberry spinach salad, fresh fruits with yogurt dip, fresh veggies with a wonderful dip, healthy rice chips and for dessert strawberry shortcake.  That was worth coming to class for!!!
We did lots of rotary cutting for our strips of fabric.  Laura had tables set up in the family room which worked out great for the cutting stations. 
Debby is proud of her flying geese block.  Now go home and make a few more of those Debby!!
We are at the end of our day here.  Everyone is ready for a break. 
I took a picture of Debbie Powell, our teacher, taking a picture of us.  You can tell we were getting punchy at this point.
Last, but not least, Debbie won the mouse pincushion drawing from the March/April classes.  So congratulations Debbie!

Hope everyone has a Happy Mother's Day and enjoy the beautiful Sunday we're about to be given!!

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