Sunday, March 14, 2010

I think spring is finally trying to show itself in the south.  Normally my daffodils are bloomed by mid-February so we're almost a month behind schedule.  Very unusual for our area to be so late.  But they're here now and they make me smile.  Buds are popping up on all the flowering trees and many are starting to bloom.  Spring is such a beautiful season.

Went on a little road trip to Fayetteville yesterday with Evette and Laura to visit one of our favorite quilt shops - Quilts 'n Tiques.  Gail has so much fabric crammed in her shop, it's an adventure everytime we go there.  You may go in with something in mind and leave with two or three new projects......which is what happened to all of us yesterday.  I really didn't need anything but love to go visit and by the time we left, I had fabric for two quilt projects that I haven't even designed yet!!  Oh well.......nothing like a little push in the right direction. 
Naomi and Gail holding up Calendar Girls quilt.  They have a show coming up later in the month and are going to be selling (hopefully) Calendar Girls patterns.  So I left the quilt with them to display in their booth.  Hope it helps them to sell more patterns! 
I snuck behind the counter and snapped this picture of Gail as she was writing up our tickets and laughing at one of us, probably whining about how much money we were spending.  Thanks for a fun time Gail and Naomi!!  See you later in the month.

I ended up with some free time on Friday and decided to start working on a new pattern I had been thinking of for awhile.  I sat down and drew and drew and drew and came up with a few new line drawings that I need to play around with and get stitched.  That's what the fabric is for that I purchased yesterday.  It really is hard to color plan a project when you're looking at line drawings.  But we all seemed to be envisioning something with all that beautiful fabric so now I need to get busy stitching.  Maybe another block of the month in the works.

Spring classes are gearing up.  Three Little Chicks on Monday and several more during the week.  Come and stitch with me........................Make sure you check the calendar for dates and times.  See you soon.

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