Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Yesterday was a kitting kind of day.  Classes getting ready to start for spring and new recipe card classes about to begin so lots of kits to cut up.  Got a couple of them accomplished but still more to work on.
Wool all stacked up and ready to go for the Chicks and Pussy Willows pillow class
Sorting out all the little pieces of paper for the March recipe card -- looks SPRINGY!!!!
Here's the March pincushion pattern that is an adaptation from the recipe card.
Look at all the beautiful hand-dyed floss colors.  While I was working on kits, I needed to find a certain color of floss.  Well, of course all of this brand of floss was in one big drawer together.  So I sat in the middle of the floor and sorted in by color family.  Now I just need to figure out how I'm going to keep it organized.  For now it looks pretty on my floor!
The girls came over to celebrate my birthday and donned happy new year hats since I didn't have birthday hats.  Still see a little residual chocolate ice cream on their faces!
Reagan loves to pose for pictures!
And Raleigh decided hanging upside down would be a better pose!
And just for fun, Mark and I were driving in Apex on Sunday and turned on a side street and here went a gaggle of geese crossing the street.  They were just taking their time.  I couldn't resist getting out for a quick picture.

We had some snow overnight but not enough in our area to cause many problems.  Schools were delayed a couple of hours and it should be gone by this afternoon.  Hopefully this is our last bout of winter weather.  I noticed my daffodils were bloomed in the back yard so that's a sure sign that we should be celebrating spring soon!


  1. Aren't those geese crazy in Apex! The girls look adorable!! I would like one of each kit please!!! Try some of those metal key rings thingys for the floss, you know the kind you can open easy - I forget what they are called.

  2. Greenville, NC got snow and ECU closed for about two hours. However, our snow came after I went to bed - so, public school was out all day. Two inches of snow when it is 35 degrees outside - how does that happen in eastern North Carolina?

    I love your patterns and ready to tackle some new projects - spring has to be here soon!