Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Good Friends

I just received such a special surprise in the mail.  A wonderful tomato pincushion that belonged to my friend Gwen's Grandmother.  She decided, after seeing my post of tomato pincushions, that it should belong to me.  What a treasure.  Look at the hole where the sawdust is leaking out.  I'm not sure I want to patch that.  It adds such character to this tomato and shows how much it was used by her Granmom Lily May's hands.  Thanks Gwen so much for thinking of me and sharing one of your special treasures.  It will now be a treasure to me.
This sweet verse was on the front of the card included with the pincushion.  Something we should all try to share with our friends.

Recipe for Friendship
Blend conversation,
laughter and fun together.
Add trust and acceptance
and mix well.
Stirring gently,
soften with teardrops
and sweeten
with understanding.
Sprinkle generously
with favorite memories,
decorate with hugs
and smiles, and enjoy!

To all my friends, wishing you a warm and sunny day filled with love and laughter.

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