Sunday, February 28, 2010


It's my birthday, it's my birthday, yay!!  Not really loving this getting old thing but I figure why not make the best of it since I can't change or stop it from coming every year.  My day started with beautiful roses from my husband, a wonderful copper roofed bird feeder and the largest bag of bird seed I've every seen.  He knows how much I love watching the birds at the feeders out back, so this was a perfect gift for me. 
My wonderful friend Evette came over loaded with gifts.  What fun we had.  She decided to plan ahead for a trip to Oregon that Mark and I are taking this summer and got me all kinds of scrapbooking "thingies" to use for all the wonderful pictures I will be bringing home.  She was so sweet in her planning this gift out, everything was so coordinated and "Oregonian looking" as she said.  Can't wait to use all the goodies.  And then there was a wonderful tote bag with a handle and wheels to use for some of the supplies I have to carry to classes.  Thansks Evette!!!!!  You're the best. 
And I've had so many wonderful, sweet cards and email good wishes from friends, it makes me feel so special.  I especially love my photoshopped picture Jennifer put on her blog.  What a surprise that was!!  And my two granddaughters calling first thing this morning to sing to me followed up by my son Eric, wife Kristin and "Vern" singing a wonderful rendition of happy birthday which is forever recorded on my answering machine!!!  So thanks to all of you for your birthday wishes (and reminders that I'm getting old!!)  Off to lunch with friends so maybe there will be more surprises.  Aren't birthdays fun!!


  1. Happy Birthday! Have an awesome day!


  2. Happy Birthday Sharon! I'd sing to you but then you might ask me to never take another class. =o)
    Jenn L.