Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Not much going on to share lately.  I've been busy taking care of the girls, one of whom was sick and shared her little three year old germs with me.  So now I'm sick which is not fun when you have lots you want to do and don't feel like moving.  But I've kept busy nonetheless, coughing my way along.   Finished another little stitchery pincushion.  The March recipe card is going to be an "herb" sort of card so I based this pincushion off that fact.  So something a little different and out of the box for me but I had a lot of fun stitching this pincushion.  I suppose it could also be a little pillow or sachet to tuck someplace.  As I was working in my workroom this evening I decided to take a picture of this sweet little sewing doll.  She was just sitting on the shelf looking sort of forlorn and lonely.  So why not take her picture and include her in the blog today.  This was a class I taught last year and turned out to be quite a challenge for some of the ladies.  I think I may still have a couple who haven't finished their sewing dolls.  Maybe they could bring them to UFO night!! 
For any of you local gals that are checking class schedules on the web site, go to the calendar for either March or April for new classes and click on the appropriate class.  Once you do that, a class description and picture will pop up.  I've had a couple of people ask me about that and wanted to share how easy and fun it is to view the classes now.  I love, love the calendar feature on the web site.  I am hearing from most people that they are ready for spring to get here and also ready for the spring projects.  I believe we're about done with the snowman classes and ready to move onto to sunnier days! 
Isn't she so sweet!  And an adorable pincushion from my friend Debbie all the way from Oregon!  I love pincushions.  Can you tell?  They are all over my workroom in various shapes and sizes.  As Evette says, you can never have enough pincushions.  I agree. 

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